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Work Travel South Africa is a South African company based in Somerset West, Cape Town. WTSA offers a ‘search and select’ service to candidates interested in an internship position, whereby we source a suitable employer and job according to each candidate’s individual skills and internship requirements. We further ensure that all internships are structured with employers in order to achieve the desired outcomes for both the company and the intern.

As a dynamic and experienced company, it is our intention to provide a unique cultural exchange between foreign interns and the people of South Africa. This gives young people from abroad the opportunity to experience South Africa at its best, while contributing to the growth of this great country. Through the mutual sharing of skills and experiences we aim to turn South Africa into a more international work place.

If you are interested in an internship we will source a suitable internship position, match your requirements to the right employers, contact them on your behalf and advertise you as a potential intern. Upon their acceptance of your proposed internship, we will ensure that employers provide a structured and supervised internship, which is contractually regulated.

During the placement process you will benefit from our staff’s intimate knowledge of the local economy, industry requirements and the indigenous internship policies as well as our excellent working relationships with our employers.

We will match your individual needs and career or study aspirations to an appropriate company, ensuring you a customised internship position according to your abilities, experience and unique requirements.


If you require, we will source suitable accommodation to fit your budget and personal needs. Perhaps a self-catering Backpackers or a cosy Home Stay Family?

What will you do?

During your valuable customised Internship you will be integrated into your employer’s daily business routine with the same privileges and responsibilities as a full-time staff member. You will be given detailed set tasks, specific duties and work assignments which will help to develop your skills as required for the specific industry. If needed, we also offer a comprehensive support service throughout your stay and can assist with accommodation, language course and transfer arrangements.

Have you considered the valuable life skills that an Internship will offer you?


The ability to deal with different cultures and business environments is essential in today’s global economy.  This is becoming increasingly more important as commerce and industry spreads across the globe, with many companies now represented in a number of countries and continents. An internship not only allows you to share knowledge and skills with like-minded career professionals, but also helps you to make new friends and meet exciting people who will give you a broader perspective on the world we all live in.

Experience in a Professional Environment

Working in a professional environment will help you to decide on prospective career choices. This learning experience will also help you to gain deeper insight into the processes of an established company and a career you are interested in.

Improve your People Skills

Whilst gaining invaluable knowledge and experience, working and living in a culturally diverse country will significantly improve your people skills and help you deal with a variety ofpeople in the professional environment.  This will definitely benefit you in all areas of your life irrespective of your career choice.

Personal Growth

Besides the career-related advantages, staying abroad will have a huge impact on your personal development. Taking this big step and being confronted with new cultures requires a huge amount of courage, openness, flexibility and tolerance. This will help broaden your horizons, make you question your views and opinions and assist you in overcoming personal and career obstacles.

Improve Your English

Speaking English fluently is a desirable skill in most industries and businesses worldwide. This is especially true with the demands of commerce and globalisation in recent times. Interns from non-English speaking countries will greatly benefit from being surrounded by English speaking people who are keen to aid you in conversations, helping you to improve your communication skills. Increased fluency in the universal language of commerce will give you great confidence in your working environment - both now and in the future!


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South Africa
Minimum Duration:
6 Weeks
Maximum Duration:
6 Months
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Past Volunteer Comments

Sascha Schmid (Germany)

"I want to mention, it is great how WTSA cares for the interns and volunteers. As an intern I feel safe and respected."