Western Cape Cheetah Centre

About Western Cape Cheetah Centre Project

Project Details

The Cheetah Project is run by a non-profit organisation (NPO) which is committed to the conservation of the African Cheetah and reliant on public support for their education and public-awareness programmes. The NPO aims to promote the survival of the cheetah as a free-ranging species by working with five ambassador cheetahs to encourage people to gain a greater understanding of these magnificent animals.

Regular school visits give young children the chance to enjoy a close-up, personal experience with a cheetah, in the hope that the memory of stroking one of these beautiful creatures will imprint a conservation message more deeply on the child's mind.  Cheetah encounters are also offered to tourists at the facility; this is also an important source of fund-raising, while other ventures such as photography shoots, film shoots and documentary work all increase the global awareness of the cheetah's plight.


Volunteers live in shared apartments in Stellenbosch. This historic, vibrant University town in the centre of the Western Cape wine-producing region has plenty to offer. Great entertainment, 17 000 students and over 80 restaurants and pubs make a perfect recipe for fun, beauty and adventure!

What will you do?

The cheetah volunteer programme involves both local and international volunteers. Daily duties for volunteers include greeting visitors to the facility; informing them about the project and cheetahs in general; preparing food for the animals; merchandise sales; and cleaning duties (dishes, enclosures, shop floors, vehicles etc).  This may involve hard manual labour like fencing, carpentry, building gates, digging and other tasks needed to maintain the cheetah enclosures.

Please note that one of the main responsibilities of volunteers will be to tend to guests and work hands-on with the public.  This requires a person who is outgoing, confident and enthusiastic.

The amount of time that a volunteer is able to spend with the cheetahs depends on the relationship that the volunteer builds with each animal.  This only comes with time and patience and is at the discretion of the handlers.

South Africa, Western Cape
Minimum Duration:
8 Weeks
Maximum Duration:
12 Weeks
Airport Pickup
Arrival Orientation


Past Volunteer Comments

Elizabeth Eilenstein (Germany)

"Of course the Cheetahs! They are wonderful animals! I'm glad that I was able to help a little and be part of this organisation. In my opinion there are no negatives and I was in good hands!"

Stefan Hanken (Germany)

"My job at the Cheetah Centre was just great. Working with the cheetahs is an experience you'll never forget. Collecting their poo and analysing and grading it was definitely my favourite job! :-) I also enjoyed playing with the dogs and babysitting the cheetah cubs."