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Animal Welfare & Seabird Rescue Experience

Animal Welfare & Seabird Rescue Experience

Animal Welfare and Seabird Rescue Volunteering in South Africa gives volunteers the chance to make a difference in Animal Rescue Centres and Shelters. The Seabird and Penguin Rescue Centre is a haven for oiled birds, the Cheetah Centre raises awareness about the plight of the threatened African Cheetah and the Cats and Dogs Centre cares for abused, neglected and abandoned domestic animals and tries to find them loving new homes.

Animal Welfare & Seabird Rescue Experience Projects

Following the recent global economic decline, many people have been forced to give up their homes as well as their family pets. This in turn means that the Cats and Dogs Project is running at full capacity and desperately needs extra helping hands to give these animals the human touch that they crave. The Cats and Dogs Project also visits local schools to educate children on how to take care of their animals and pets. A Travelling Clinic goes out five times per week to the impoverished townships in the area, dispensing injections, dipping animals and imparting general primary veterinary advice. Depending on the circumstances, volunteers might be allowed to accompany staff on such days.

Since 1968, penguin rescue organisations have been active in helping to treat oiled sea birds in the Western Cape. These sea bird and penguin rescue centres have helped to treat over 81,000 sea birds - in particular the African Penguin, which is classified as "Vulnerable" in the Red Data Book. Recent research has proven that the African Penguin population is 19% higher today than it would have been in the absence of these rescue organisations.

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