Journal Entry: Verena Busch - Germany - 2012-03-26

What was your personal highlight of the day/week?

My personal highlight of the week was a hike to the Wildside. It is a beautiful coast along Plettenberg Bay where the water is very rough but between some rocks one can swim safely.

What interesting fact did you learn today/this week?

I am learning what it means to work in a Backpackers. There are a lot of things to do, for example cooking meals for the guests or taking bookings. Working in a Backpackers means working as an "allrounder" and to be responsible.This is exactly what I wanted for my internship.

What interesting activities have you been doing in and around your area?

I have seen lots of places around Cape Town. I went to Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope, different beaches and a winetour around Somerset West. There is lots to do in Cape Town City. Longstreet by day and night is a great place to be and the old Biscuit Market is a must-do. But my favourite place to go is definitely the Waterfront, I went there many times.

What is the name of your hospitality establishment and what is the best thing about your establishment?

Starling Backpackers. I enjoy it a lot because the people working here are really nice and friendly and I can join hikes that guests book by the hotel.

How does South Africa differ from your home country?

At first glance South Africa looks very European, but after a while one can see some differences to Germany. Not only the Townships, also the peoples' way of life is very different. South African people are not as hectic as in Germany. Depending on where one is going, you shouldn't go alone - especially in the dark.

Has this experience taught you any new skills or improved any of your current skills?

I have learnt to be more self confident when making decisions. I have improved my English and learnt how to work in a hotel. 

Has this experience reaffirmed your desire for a career in the hospitality industry?

Yes, it did!

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