Journal Entry: Nora Fitzer - Germany - 2012-03-26

What was your personal highlight of the day/week?

I saw the sunset at Buffelsbaai and took lovely pictures of it.

What interesting fact did you learn today/this week?

That nobody is indispensable!

What interesting activities have you been doing in and around your area?

- going to the beach of Leisure Island and Buffelsbaai

- surfing and kloofing

- Knysna Elephant Park

- Monkeyland and Birds of Eden

- Cheetah walk in Oteniqua

- visiting Tsitsikama, Stormsriver Bridge

- Saturday market in Sedgefield

- shopping in Knysna :)

What is the name of your hospitality establishment and what is the best thing about your establishment?

I live and work at the  Bamboo Guesthouse in Knysna.

It is a very lovely guesthouse and would dream to stay here as a guest :)

All the people are warm and friendly, so it`s a very nice place for doing an internship! The working hours are long, but when braai it is fun to work there.

You`ll meet many different cultures and find great new friends.

How does South Africa differ from your home country?

The people are more friendly and open minded than in Germany! I always feel free and relax here.

Also the wildlife is very very different. I couldn`t imagne to walk with a cheetah before! How weird is this?:)

And I love hot days and warm water and lovely evenings under a starry sky. Beautiful! In Germany it is cold, windy and the water is always cold!

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