Journal Entry: Marleen Lucks - Germany - 2012-05-22

What was your personal highlight of the day/week?

My personal highlight is every second of every day. Before my first dive the instructor said that after hundreds of dives in Sodwana on every single dive he still sees something he has never seen before. And he was right. Every dive is more spectacular than the last one and the moment you think it can't get any better a manta will turn up and circle really closely around you or a turtle will swim with you for a bit or maybe even a massive potato bass will follow you around the whole dive wanting you to cuddle it. Also every single local from Sodwana is definitely a highlight but that is something no words can describe. You will have to find this out yourself.. :)

What interesting fact did you learn today/this week?

The most interesting fact I learned in this project was about coral bleaching. Before we did a lecture about it I was basically diving around thinking that some corals are just naturally white although other corals of the same species are colourful. Now I know how and why that happens! :)

What was your favourite species that you saw today/this week?

Since the first day my favourite species is the male Ember Parrotfish. We see them on every dive and before I knew its name I used to call it rainbowfish. :)

How does South Africa differ from your home country?

It differs in every single aspect, which makes it so AWESOME. Laid back people, dancing in the streets with no shoes, living in the middle of nowhere, SUNSHINE, apple cider :)

Are you enjoying your camp accommodation?

We have a pool, a lounge with massive couches and a TV, lovely bathrooms and we don't even have to do our own laundry or dishes. And the funny thing is that you won't even care about luxury like this and not use it a lot because you enjoy everything outside the lodge so much. After a long day of diving and chilling at the beach with the locals you will most likely just pass out in bed at 8pm sometimes even with your shoes on because you were too exhausted to take them off. ;) And if you get as lucky as I am with my roommate Martina you will have the best time no matter where you sleep! I love this place :)

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