Journal Entry: Lisa Lange - Germany - 2012-09-19

What was your favourite species that you saw today/this week?

I saw a whale shark this week. That was really nice to see this big animal and swim with him.

How does South Africa differ from your home country?

I love south africa. I don´t know exatly why but the most different thing is that everybody is so friendly. Whenever you see somebody he smiles at you. That´s really nice.

Another thing that's really different is the big step from poor to rich.

Are you enjoying your camp accommodation?

Yes, I really enjoy this. There is nothing I miss.

What was your personal highlight of the day/week?

To be honest there was no special highlight. All my time here is like a highlight.

What interesting fact did you learn today/this week?

I learned how I can control my bouyancy better than before when I am diving.

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