Journal Entry: Lisa Knickmann - Germany - 2012-02-06

What was your personal highlight of the day/week?

Last week the conditions for the dives were not really good. The sea was very choppy and the surge was sometimes really rough because of a cyclone in Mozambique. This is why we did just the dive in the early morning. Otherwise the conditions were too bad for a nice dive. Although we did not dive as much as we wanted so we are going to do the dives in this week.

We did a few shark and ray surveys and identification dives. On the dives made some really nice pictures.

Today I had one of the most amazing highlight of my stay: I had a swim with dolphins! It was so incredible! They were very playful so we had a more than 10 minute swim with them. It was one of my dreams to swim with dolphins some day and now this mission is fulfilled.

The weather was not nice either because there were some rain and it was colder than the week before but there is nothing to complain about. As I heard there are minus degrees and it is snowing in Germany I was so happy not to be there.

We had some really nice evenings with friends or relaxing around the pool and in the lounge, but there is no time to be bored because there is always more information to find out. There are also a couple of small places to meet with friends for a drink and play some pool if you are older than 18 years. “Maak n Jol” is like a small disco later in the evening and there is also the bar at the Sodwana Bay Lodge, where you can sometimes meet up with some of the trainees and other divers.

The last day I stayed we made a farewell party with the group who came down from the turtle project and our friends from Sodwana. It started with a braai and a few people but after a while more people came around; it was lots of fun!!


So in the end my trip to Sodwana Bay was amazing! I made such good experiences and everyone who thinks about it or is interested in doing some diving or learning about the ocean should do this. It is worth it and I will really miss all the people I met there!!!

What was your favourite species that you saw today/this week?


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