Journal Entry: Julia Braun - Germany - 2012-07-30

What was your favourite species that you saw today/this week?

My favourite species were the ghost pipe fish and the unicorn fish because they look very unique and funny. Also one of my favourites was the black tip reef shark because you don't see them very often and even though they look very scary, they are actually very shy.

How does South Africa differ from your home country?

South Africa is very different to my home country Germany. For example the streets and the driving style. In Germany everything is very controlled and precise, here many people almost drive like they want. The lifestyle here is different, too. The african people are more relaxed and not that busy. Also they are much more friendly and obliging.

What interesting fact did you learn today/this week?

The most interesting fact that I learned is, that some fish change their sex during their life, like the potato bass and anemone fish, as well as the ribbon eel.

What was your personal highlight of the day/week?

There are so many highlights here, but the most awesome was the shark, which I have seen. It was a black tip reef shark.

Are you enjoying your camp accommodation?

I really enjoy my camp accommodation. It is a very nice place with many dogs and friendly people. The atmosphere is very cool and you can relax very well. But I really miss my bed because the one here is a little bit too short for me!

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