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Welcome to our journal zone, where you can read personal journals and accounts written by our current volunteers. These journals are constantly being updated, so that you can keep track of what our volunteers in South Africa are up to.

From helping rangers manage a darted lion, to swimming with playful dolphins, to making a positive difference in the life of an orphan, or even just soaking up the atmosphere of a unique African sunset, our volunteers have a host of amazing stories to tell! 

Journal of the Week

What was your personal highlight of the day/week?

My personal highlight is every second of every day. Before my first dive the instructor said that after hundreds of dives in Sodwana on every single dive he still sees something he has never seen before. And he was right. Every dive is more spectacular than the last one and the moment you think it can't get any better a manta will turn up and circle really closely around you or a turtle will swim with you for a bit or maybe even a massive potato bass will follow you around the whole dive wanting you to cuddle it. Also every single local from Sodwana is definitely a highlight but that is something no words can describe. You will have to find this out yourself.. :)

Written by: Marleen Lucks - Germany
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